Is your child ready?

Hello beauties!!

Today I wanted to talk about how I knew my daughter was ready to begin teaching her at home. My daughter Belen is 3 yrs / 5 months old, she began to show signs right when she turned 3. Her attention span was much longer, she was eager and excited to learn. She would sit down criss cross applesauce on the carpet and wait for me to bring her my lesson plans. We try to stay away from traditional worksheets and focus more on fun learning activities. The steps I took to begin to see if she was ready was more and more story time. I observed her during story time as well, I observed her reaction and her listening skills while I read to her. She was so intrigued and captured by the stories, I can see inside her head as she wandered off to the book land I was reading about. During screen time (yes we allow her screen time), she was most observant of colors and abc’s and would try to guess them correctly. Belen learned her colors and shapes before she was 3, so we don’t focus too much on those anymore. Of course I still incorporate their learning skills with every activity we do. Now we are moving on to tougher shapes such as hexagons and all those gons.

If you notice that your child is showing any signs of a desire to learn grasp it and take hold of it because that is meaningful! You don’t have to begin heavy, simply have fun while learning. While you pretend play you can grab an object and say “Look (child’s name), this cup is blue!”, and so on. They catch up so fast, when you least expect it they will have learned all their colors, shapes, abc’s, numbers and the list goes on!!!

Most importantly have fun while you learn! Don’t force anything or be too pushy, every child learns at their own speed.



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