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Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

March 2nd is the 21st anniversary of Read Across America Day and also happens to be Dr. Seuss’s 114th birthday! I wanted to share this ahead of time so you can plan any craft or activity accordingly. I have a whole week planned for different Dr. Seuss themed activities. We will have tons of reading, rhyming and arts and crafts, maybe even a clip or two of his famous movies, The Lorax and Belen’s favorite How The Grinch Stole Christmas. I love to read Dr. Seuss books to Belen, she loves all the rhyming and amazing illustrations. There are a few Dr. Seuss books we are missing but this makes for a fun small field trip to the library and hopefully Belen can get her own library card!

I’m going to share some of my favorite ideas I have gathered online, once we recreate our own next week I will add them to my Instagram.

Horton Hears A Who

All you need is:

Styrofoam cup

Gray paint

Gray, white and black card stock paper

Pink Pom Poms

Green yarn

The steps for this craft is basic. Start off by painting the cup and letting it dry. Cut out elephant ear shapes, eyes and a trunk. Have your child glue all the pieces together.

Questions you can ask during this craft:

Do you think all elephants are gray?

Do you know elephants can move their nose (trunk)?

What sounds so you think elephants make?

The Lorax Puppet

You need:

Brown paper bag

Yellow and brown card stock

Cut out a yellow mustache, hands, eyes, nose and mouth from the brown paper. Draw black eyes in the center of the brown paper eyes. Have your child glue all the pieces together.

Questions you can ask during this craft:

Can you figure out where to glue all of the Lorax’s body parts?

Do you think he looks happy or sad?

Can you put your hand inside the bag and pretend to be the Lorax?

What would he say? How would he sound?

The Cat In The Hat Alphabet Game

You need:

Glass gems or any small stone


Clear bowl or mason jar

Card stock any color


Measuring cup (optional)

Book The Cat In The Hat (optional)

Directions: On a sheet of card stock write out the alphabet (you can do upper or lower case). On the gems or stones write the letters with your sharpie. Place all gems into the bowl. Let your child fill the bowl with water, you can use your measuring cup if you’d like. Draw and cut out a fish or use one from here Let your child color the fish. Tape fish onto the outside of the bowl. Have your child pull out one gem at a time and place on top of the letter on the paper.

Please make sure you do this somewhere you don’t mind getting wet. Your card stock will also be wet, if you want to laminate it for future use that’s great!

Questions you can ask during this activity:

What letter is that on the gem?

Can you match it with the letter on the paper?

Is the water cold or warm?

The Cat In The Hat Puppet

You will need:

A brown bag

White and black paper

Black and red crayon or marker

The Cat In The Hat book (optional)

Have your child color the brown paper bag with their black crayon while you cut out the shapes. Draw and cut a hat, face and hands (2) from the white paper. Draw eyes and mouth, also draw lines for the red on the hat. Have your child color the red part of the hat. Draw and cut out whiskers for your cat. Have your child glue all the pieces on the brown paper bag.

Painting with Truffula Trees

You will need:

Fury Pom Poms


Hot glue



Parents take a Pom Pom and hot glue a straw to make the Pom Pom painting stick. Once you have hot glued a few sticks have your child pick out their paint colors of their choice. Let them go wild paint with truffula trees. When they’re done you can have them draw a black line coming down from the tree as a tree trunk.

Some of these activities will be messy, so please take precaution. Now sit back and enjoy these beautiful crafts up on your wall, maybe even have a slice or two of cake in honor of Dr. Seuss.


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