All about Science!

Happy Friday Pretties🌸

Today I will be discussing science, it’s our favorite subject here at our house. Explaining science to a preschooler is basic, science explains a situation or creates a prediction. You can vary your science learning from many topics; astronomy, ecology, biology, paleontology, etc. I never try to explain these terms to Belen I simply stick too, “science”. We plant plants and watch them grow, we make fossils, and do fun experiments, she loves it all. As a science major myself it’s hard not to push more than one activity for science day (Wednesday’s). If you read my previous posts you have learned I am not all up for worksheets at this age and especially not for science. Science is a hands-on subject, they should get dirty and become more interactive with what they’re learning. I try to make the learning activity as fun as possible not just for Belen but for myself as well. It’s a win win.

Below I will be sharing a few examples of science activities we have done.. I’ll be adding more to fresh new posts as we make them.

Bug Fossils


•Different color play dough

•Different shape bugs (.99cent store)

Belen rolled out the play dough into a ball and pressed down flat. Then picked a bug and pressed it down onto the play dough, creating a fossil look. She learned about fossils and how they’re created, and she learned about different bugs.

We used some regular construction paper to place the fossils on.

Questions you can ask during this activity:

• Do you know the name of that bug?

• How many feet does it have?

• Does it fly or does it crawl?

This next activity requires a bit more ingredients and more help from the parent.

Dancing Worms


• Gummy worms (cut in quarters lengthwise)

• Baking soda

• Vinegar

• Warm water

Directions: Cut the gummy worms in quarters lengthwise. Add 3 tablespoons of baking soda into a clear cup with 1 cup warm water. Add cut up gummy worms (your preschooler can do this) to your mixture. Wait 15 minutes to soak. Fill a second clear cup with vinegar. When the 15 mins are up grab and place the worms into the vinegar. Bubbles will form on them and they will float to the top dancing their way up.

Last but not least I wanted to share a really fun Valentine’s Day project we made for our science day on Wednesday.

Will it sink or will it float?


Different liquids; Oil, Milk, Water, Syrup

Clear cups

Sheet of paper with guesses

Conversation hearts or jelly beans for Easter

Directions: On a sheet of paper I wrote down the liquid type, both Belen and my guess of will it sink or float. Then I let Belen throw in the hearts into each liquid showing instantly if it will sink or float. Our only floater was from the syrup.

The winner!

During this process I asked Belen if she knew the difference between sinking and floating. I also questioned why she believed it would sink or float. I explained to her that the only one that did float was the syrup because it was thicker (denser) than the other liquids we used.

After this activity we made water color paint using our left over conversation hearts. I’m sure you can do this with jelly beans I will repost on that!

We simply crushed the hearts in a ziploc bag, filled a few clear cups with water and placed them in mixing them through. Belen sampled all of them and her favorite was the orange. (This is totally edible and up to you if you want to let your child taste it)

We watched as the water got darker and brighter with color, it amazed Belen so much. We painted with her paints after they were done dissolving.

Remember you can always adjust by using your own materials to your liking, I’m only giving you ideas. Let your mind go wild!

Hope you guys enjoy your weekend and try out some of these easy fun activities!


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