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Math- Counting

Hi darlings!

Today is math day in our house schedule and it’s one I look forward too with a lot of patience. The important thing is to approach math not just the boring number way but in a fun way. In a way that is inviting to your learner, and looks exciting. I look forward to it with patience because it may be common sense to us but not to our new learners. I don’t want to jump into conclusions and say it’s Belen least favorite subject, but she does get frustrated by all the counting and numbers everywhere. If at anytime I feel it’s too much stimulation we just take a little break from it and continue later on. Like I said in my previous post “Hey mom it’s okay!”, we take around 1 week or so on each number. We don’t move on until Belen fully recognizes a number and can count several different objects up to that number.

I want to share a few exciting, fun activities we like to use on Math days..

This activity is all about number recognition. In a simple white sheet of paper I write all the numbers she has learned so far and add a key below. The key is to guide to simply place the same color sticker on the right number.

Example: 1 is blue.. put all blue stickers on #1

You can find these stickers at the dollar stores. Also check out my post “Letter & Number Recognition”, for more tips on how to teach recognition.

Now for counting activities we like to use…

This activity will invite the child to count with “ice cream”. Lay out a few different colored Pom Poms “scoops of ice cream”, cut out cones from brown paper and add numbers to them. (We always practice every number she has learned so far). Let your child add the Pom Poms depending how many scoops the “cone wants”!

Example: How many scoops do you think cone #1 wants? That’s right, 1 scoop! What flavored scoop would you like to give him?

This is all working their cognitive skills and fine motor skills.

One last counting activity I want to share is counting with carrots. Since Spring/Easter is coming up this is a perfect game for your little bunny. Belen loved this to pieces.

This counting carrot leaves activity I found on Pinterest is so much fun! All you need is a brown paper to portray dirt, orange paper for the carrots and green strips for the leaves. I didn’t glue any of these pieces like it said on Pinterest because I wanted Belen to play more than once with it. She just added the amount of leaves the number on the carrot said.

You can always add to these activities, if your child learns the numbers faster add more ice cream cones or carrots to the mix. This is a reusable activity and is countless amount of fun!!!


Xoxo 💕

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