Letter & Number Recognition

First and foremost I’d like to share how I have taught and am teaching letter & number recognition. You can start in any order you prefer, even starting with the letters in your child’s name. I have decided to start with A, in regular abc order. I display the letter your teaching in big bold colorful colors so it’s easy to be seen and practiced throughout the week. For us 1 letter / 1 number a week works best but you can adjust it how fast your child will learn it. Remember practice makes perfect!

To display our letters we use a chalkboard easel from Ikea IKEA easel, we also got the paper roll from there as well. But you can use a piece of paper taped on the wall as well. I cut out at least 5 or 6 pieces of paper with the letter (the same color that I used for the letter). I always do uppercase and lowercase, but you can teach in whichever order or both at the same time as well. I then place the pieces of paper on the easel and let Belen glue them onto the letter one by one while repeating the letter to me over and over. This repetition may get old but it’s SO important!!

After this exercise he/she will have a good understand of how the letter looks.

When we’re done with the recognition it doesn’t end there. I stock up on Flashcards from the dollar spot at Target, they sell Abc’s, numbers and many other ones! It’s definitely worth checking out! We use flashcards with the letter in the front and a word beginning with the letter in the back. For example A is for Apple. This is good to use because they use their cognitive skills while having fun. I usually have Belen repeat A is for Apple a few times by turning it into a song. I also have abc puzzles that she connects the letters with the picture word. When one letter is mastered I move onto the next following these steps and always practicing them everyday. The more they practice the easier it gets for them.


This goes the same for numbers. I do every same step.

Only different thing I do here is we practice counting. For example number 1, I lay out one Pom Pom or anything to count with. If it’s number 2 you lay out two and have them count them, they can even use their fingers!

Below I have included a few recognition activities I like to use on appropriate days.

Letter recognition activity using circle stickers from the dollar store. I used a color paper and included all the letters we know so far with a circle around them, also wrote the letter on a few circle stickers. Belen’s only job was to place them on top of the correct letter. More cognitive skills used here! As they play have them tell you what letter it is and maybe even say a word that begins with the letter.

Number recognition and counting.

This activity involves using washable paint. First I let Belen pick the color of paint to use for her handprints. Then she just placed her handprints as many times as the number we are practicing. For example below is number 3, she did 3 handprints. (She loved this!!)

Same activity as the letter recognition, only difference is this one is matched by number and color. For example number 1 is a blue sticker so Belen had to place a blue sticker on all the number 1’s she could find!

Thanks for reading! I hope you can try some of these ideas to teach or just for fun! Enjoy 🙂

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