It’s okay to let it out!

Hi everyone!

I wanted to share an important developmental stage every child goes through. At a certain age they begin to feel more independent and needing you less and less (at least thinking they do). This can be good but it can trigger a lot of emotions. We have been dealing with a rollercoaster ride of emotions with Belen that made me want to teach her about her feelings and emotions and why she may be feeling that way as well as what to do when she feels a certain way. If she starts crying I ask her why she’s crying, if she wants a hug and that I’m there for her. I don’t like telling her to stop crying EVER! That is basically telling them to hide their feelings. By showing her that I’m there for her, never leaving her alone when she’s upset she opens up easier and the problem gets resolved faster.

I’m going to share an easy activity you can do with your child to teach about emotions and feelings. Now when Belen feels mad she thinks about it and tells me why she feels mad. As well as when she feels happy or sad.

“If your happy and you know it..” same original version just change up a few words.

Belen loved this song just as much as the original version. After singing this song and acting out what was being sang we did an activity.

I cut out a few faces from random magazines I had on hand, displaying happy and sad. You can also cut out some displaying mad. Belen just worked on putting them under the proper place. I laid it out like this….

While working on placing them under the proper face, I asked her why she believed they were feeling the way they did? Why was the little boy so sad? Her response was that he had an ouchy (pointing at his bandaid). Why was the dog on the right so sad? Because he had no one to play with. This gets their core cognitive skills working!

Here are a few examples I shared with Belen to let out steam:

• I can read a book.

• I can take deep breaths.

• I can count to 5.

• I can stack blocks.

(These work perfectly for us, but you can adjust it accordingly to your child’s needs.)

I hope you enjoyed this learning activity as much as we did! ❤️

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