Hey mom it’s okay!

As parents we worry about the learning progress of our children, and that’s normal. Every child learns at his/her own speed. Some may be ready to learn at 3, some even sooner, while some may just be better to wait until pre-K (4-5). Honest truth is that Belen is able to sing all her abc’s but if you point at a letter she doesn’t recognize them yet, same goes with numbers. This is because prior to now we have done nothing but imaginative/pretend play. She is giving us signals now that she is ready to learn more through play. So I am slowly but steady incorporating things she likes to do to teach her, excluding traditional worksheets! I just feel for this age there is no use since they can’t grasp a pencil completely well yet. Dot a dot worksheets are amazing to use with markers or painting with a Q-tip. Below I have shared what a week and a day looks like at our house. Although I always mind how Ms.Belen feels that day, if she’s not up for it I simply skip it for the next day and give her her space. Also it’s OKAY if your child takes longer to fully recognize a number or a letter. We usually do 1 letter and 1 number a week but we take more time if she needs it.

Monday– Language & Literacy

(Letters, Reading & Writing)

Tuesday– Math (Belen’s least favorite subject)

(Numbers, Counting & Shapes)

Wednesday– Science (Belen’s favorite subject)

(Rocks, Animals, Sky & Astronomy)

Thursday– Social Studies

(Family, Friends, Communication & Feelings)

Friday– Free play

(Parks, museums, arts & crafts, story time at a library, play date, etc)

After breakfast and clean up we do the following:

•Practice letters we have learned so far. Recognition, pronunciation and what begins with.

•Practice numbers we have learned so far. Recognition, pronunciation and counting.

•Activities for the day. Depending what day it is.

•Story time

•Quiet time ( I will make a post about quiet boxes I made)

Ps. I never time these activities I work with how fast or slow Belen goes. And if she needs more time on a certain subject. (In her case it’s math).


Thanks for reading! 🙂

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