About us

Hi guys,

My name is Lucy, I started this website to gather my thoughts about Belen’s learning process. I am 29 years young, married and a mother of a beautiful daughter Belen. I have always wanted to be a teacher which I started going to school for but switched degrees midway. Now I’m currently studying Environmental Sciences. My hobbies are astronomy, anything science and teaching Belen. I also love arts and crafts. Belen is 3 years old, she will turn 4 October 26. She is a bright young lady who loves dressing up as her favorite princesses. She is currently obsessed with Peppa Pig. She is in the process of learning all her Abcs and #’s by recognition. My husbands name is Saul, he is the best daddy ever. He loves playing pirates with Belen. He also lets Belen play in the dirt and touch worms, which is way out of my comfort zone. Belen loves him to pieces. He will be coming on here from time to time.

Thanks for reading our short little bio.

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